About Jyotirmay International School

Jyotirmay International School, PUNE

'Jyotirmay ' is a Sanskrit word that literally means 'Luminous '. Indeed, we, at Jyotirmay International School believe in spreading the light of education in the minds of youngsters.

'Todays' world is myriad, and can be confusing for the uninitiated. At Jyotirmay International School, we make every effort to provide a well-rounded education to young minds in order to prepare them for the real world. This is why we offer a holistic blend of core curricular as well as extra curricular activities designed to enable our students to achieve academic excellence and success in the real world. Jyotirmay World stimulates the intellectual, physical and social development of students. Our curriculum fosters multi-cultural awareness, making students better national and international citizens.Our teachers are highly experienced, delivering best international educational practices.opportunity and success but a definite pre-requisite.

We at Jyotirmay International School believe that exams should support learning so that we are able to produce future inventors and problem solvers and to achieve this; we feel that innovation and creativity must not be stifled at any cost. However we also need to set high standards for them as well as hold ourselves accountable for them. Schools like ours are not just about passing exams but about ideas, knowledge and understanding and ultimately the pursuit of truth. My fervent plea to all students is to savor their every minute in the portals of this school, be proud, keep a sense of proportion, have a questioning mind and live life to its fullest. I hope that you all will enjoy this special time at Jyotirmay International School.

Our Location
Jyotirmay International School is located at Wagholi, Pune, a city that boasts of the largest number of students in India, if not Asia. Pune city is culturally diverse, and provides just the right environment for developing young minds.
Come, be a part of a truly international educational experience!