Exhibition January 26 2015

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Exhibition January 26 2015

The commencement of the year seemed to pass by in a blur of frenetic activity, only to culminate brilliantly in the Annual Exhibition-2015. The children truly out did themselves by leaving no stone unturned! They showed their aptitude and skills in diverse subjects by using varied styles and mediums. This could only have been with the support and guidance of our teachers or I should rather say awakeners, as it is the greatest endeavour of the teacher to awaken the pleasure in creative expression.

Kick starting the Exhibition we had our little cherubs from Nursery and Junior KG put up a Mock farm on the theme of “Old McDonald”. The farm was beautifully re-created and was an absolute treat for the eyes. Our little munchkins from Senior KG had as their theme, “Incredible India”. One was welcomed by children wearing colourful state costumes and greeting us in different languages. Traditional food items of the various regions were highlighted through a map of India beautifully executed in Rangoli. Diligently encouraging the children through it all were the ever patient and smiling teachers, Neha, Smita, , Ruchika, Foram, Manasi, Preeti  and Sonali .

We had children of the Elementary section with their project: Food. The aim was to take the children through the various stages of food procurement, right up to the finished product at the table. Instead of taking things for granted, they learned to value and respect the amount of labor, diligence and skill involved in doing just that. The children were involved in digging, planting, labeling, watering, tending and harvesting as well as selling and buying in a Mock Market! The Mock Market with its colourful spread of vegetables, fruits, pulses and spices, complete with a weighing scale and weights was a tremendous hit! The students showed the role colours had to play in our food as well. They even displayed the ingredients they had used whilst rustling up a super lunch, comprising of methi matar malai, aloo tikki and pineapple raita to dal, rice and chapatti! The game of “smell and guess the spice” had some of us adults twisted up in knots as well! The different classification of fruits and vegetables under leaves, bulbs, tubers, flowers and fungi was quite an eye opener too. The children also showed that by using pulses such as Pinto beans, split Bengal gram, Double beans and Green gram as units of counting they could do 4 digit addition, subtraction and multiplication, leaving the visitor stumped for words!  This of course, wouldn’t have been a resounding success without the remarkable leadership of Farida and her team of gifted teachers Prachi,  Nargis, Kadambari, Kareena,  and Rasika.

In the subject of Hindi, the children echoed the above topic of food by highlighting the need to eat healthy. They showed with the help of charts the different minerals, proteins and vitamins that can be found in various foods and their nutritional values that help in creating a healthy mind and body. The students had also beautifully showcased the traditional foods eaten in the various parts of the country. Their guiding light through it all was teacher Rekha.

In Marathi, the children made pictures and charts on the heart- warming story of an Afghan girl, who took over the cudgels on behalf of her family as the sole bread winner upon her father being injured at the hands of the Taliban. Sensitizing the children to the harsh truths of today and inspiring them to move ever forwards is teacher Kadambari. For nine tenths of education is encouragement.

The children from Swadha had made charts on, “Zungen Brecher” or tongue twisters in German. A tricky mouthful to say the least! All this,under the guidance of their affable teacher, Indrani.

Coming to the subject of Mathematics,the students from Oranges & Sunshine made Modelling integers. Using charts, they solved real life problems using positive and negative integers. Swadha made models of 2D and 3D shapes using matchsticks and cycle valve rubber tubes. Showcasing the triangle as being a most stable shape, they went on to make numerous complicated models that included an octahedron and an icosahedron. The children very ably showed the concept of Fractals with the Sierpinski Triangle, going up to five generations and using 729 coins! The students from Swaraj had Math, Money and Management as their topic. They had the task of planning a dream vacation within a given budget which they executed perfectly. The children, thus showed us that the world of Mathematics is extraordinary and worth spending your time in! Steering them through this mind boggling maze was the ever encouraging, teacher Tripta.

In Environmental Studies, the children highlighted how people as well as organizations can work together to spread awareness about being environmentally friendly and how with a little help from us we could help protect and save this wonderful creation that is the Earth. Their belief in safeguarding our planet has been further strengthened by their ever optimistic teacher, Tulika. Yes, dear children, you can and you sure did!

In Environmental Studies, the children under the guidance of their enthusiastic teacher, Sandip made an alternate Lavasa Model called Ecovasa. Using Lavasa as a model, they learnt about the impact of big dams, urbanization, displacement of people, de-forestation, as well as the ill effects of quarrying and about eco-system loss. The Ecovasa Project is a humble attempt by the students to put all their learning into a model that is proposed as an alternative to Lavasa, wherein they’ve attempted to achieve everything that Lavasa claims minus the destruction of the eco-system or the displacement of people!

In the field of Science, the formidable teachers Susamma and Lata, led our budding scientific minds in chemistry and biology respectively. In Chemistry, charts helped explain to us the Separation of Mixtures. Natural indicators were made using flowers, vegetables and turmeric. In the field of Electro-Chemical cells, potato, tomato and lemon were used as effective batteries. Electrolytic cells were also made by using a salt solution. The game of cards made the learning of compounds and their compositions fun. In Biology, Plant and Animal cells were explained in interesting detail along with the Classification of Organisms and their important features. In “Match the Following” the students had used a LED connected to a battery that glowed every time you got the answer right by matching the organism to the group it belonged to. The experiment on Osmosis was indeed enthralling. The students had made a beautiful Herbarium by using leaves, twigs and flowers found on the school campus! They had also made a chart of flowers, using the art of Origami.   The children had also highlighted the Circulatory system using LED lights!

In Physics, the children have explored the subjects of electricity and magnetism by using circuits and examples of electro-magnetism respectively. They have also expounded the positives of windmills as an alternative source of energy. The children made an actual windmill using scrap, which if connected to a motor would actually generate electricity! All under the encouraging eye of their knowledgeable teacher, Krishan.

In the sessions on Democracy, the students have showed by the use of charts their understanding of the subject from its definition, relevance, purpose, scope and characteristics. In true democratic fashion, the students made handbooks on, “ Rules for Teachers, Children and Parents”. In the same spirit the teachers too made a handbook of “Rules for Teachers”! The charts also touched upon the pillars of democracy namely a free and independent media and a loyal opposition. In Business Studies, the children made comparisons between national and international Cab companies, from their level of promptness and efficiency to their level of safety. Besides these interesting concepts, our formidable teacher, Vinitha has in the subject of English plunged the students in the spell binding world of tongue-twisters, limericks and Haikus.

In Physical Education, the children along with their nimble footed teacher Deepak have chosen to emphasize the importance of First aid. First aid does not require any particular equipment or prior knowledge and can involve improvisation with materials available at the time, often by untrained persons. The children made a power point presentation, using live demonstrations by role playing. The charts and First aid kit display have shed light and provided us with a better understanding of the subject.

In Art, the children have truly presented us with a kaleidoscope of colours! The painted umbrellas, the soothing water colours, the cheerful diyas, the waste bottle chandelier, paintings, photos and numerous craft items – are all a visual treat! The children have indeed excelled themselves.  The credit also goes to the people who fill their lives with splashes of colour, the very endearing teacher Atul and the gifted teacher Pallavi.

In Social Studies, Oranges and Sunshine’s theme was The Maharashtrian Odyssey, where the students take you on a colourful journey through the state of Maharashtra depicting the state symbols, the various dance forms along with their costumes, food, crops, tiger reserves, forts and places of importance. Swadha on the other hand took us on a tour of “The Freedom Trail”. The children made cardboard replica’s of the various places of historical importance in Pune. Thus highlighting the crucial role that each played in shaping our freedom struggle. The students had the effervescent teacher Sarah, showing them the way.

In Poetry, the children from Swaraj made charts on two poems i.e. the, “Gift of India” by Sarojini Naidu and “Death in Oosterbeek” by Lt. Edmund Scrivener which were written against the back backdrop of World War1 and World War2 respectively. In Social Studies, an audio-visual presentation on the World Heritage Site of Elephanta Caves was made by the students of Swadha. The 1,400 year old temple left us humbled by the genius of that time. By using just hammer and chisel the sculptors have created sheer poetry in stone. Guiding the children in both was teacher, Freny.

It was truly heart- warming to see the children enjoying themselves and taking pride in their work. What an experience for the senses! In this time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. In the words of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those, the art of living well”. It would be remiss of me not to mention our support staff Lydia, Ravi, Sachin and Mahesh who helped out behind the scenes to ensure the success of this exhibition. Our sincere thanks, to Sucheta, our own resident fairy godmother, whose magic wand made all hiccups disappear! A special heartfelt thanks to our Director of Academics, Archana Neginhal and our CEO, Chetana Gosavi, for their unflinching support, enthusiasm and encouragement in making the exhibition a thumping success!

Education has opened many, many doors. However, there are still innumerable doors shut tight – unopened yet. These are the doors of the future. Perhaps one of our children will open one of these doors – we shall help give them the keys.