Festival of Flowers

Festival of flowers was enjoyed in Jyotirmay on 18th September 2014. It was a grand celebration and all the children enjoyed a lot. Elementary children were also very excited about the festival and they contributed a lot of terms of enjoying. All Harmony, Rhythm and Joy kids made garlands for their respective classes and also collected and brought the flowers from the school ground to decorate their classes. They were all blooming like flowers.

Boys of Rhythm were finding it difficult to put thread inside the needle and at some point of time it was very funny because they were putting the thread from one side and the moment they stretched the thread it came out. They were so irritated and saying ma’am how to do it. Elementary kids also decorated the plates with flowers and leaves, they made very beautiful rangolis with flowers in Multi Purpose Hall. The hall was looking so beautiful. It was a beautiful day and the entire school was covered in flowers with children moving like butterflies in between them.

To add a prelude to the festival, children went to the Gulteledi flower market and explored flowers in different colours, shades, patterns and shapes that come from different states and countries as well. Children tallied to the flower vendors and got a brief idea about the price factors, transport market, chain etc of the flowers. With this background in mind, we started the day with an assembly recapping the field trip to the younger children.

During the 1st hour, they learnt to make ‘flower  garlands’ ‘torans’ etc. children then decorated the classrooms with these.
Next, we all watched some short movies called, “Vangogh and his Sunflower”, “The girl who cried Flowers” and “Monet-the selfish Gaint”. Later on, during the activity period, students assembled at the multipurpose hall and made flower rangolis and decorated thalis with flower petals. It was a beautiful sight to see all the colours put together. Post lunch, we all learnt making paper flowers along with Betty di. Children decorated the reception with the flowers they made.

Overall it was a fun filled day. They really enjoyed spending the day celebrating the “festival of flowers