Festival of work

Festival of work

We at Jyotirmay School celebrated Festival of Work, to inculcate the habit of working and to respect all kinds of work. Kindergarten children were all excited about the work .We had started talking about the importance of work and how one can help their parents at home, teachers and maushis in school. Children were so excited about it that they made the list and distributed the work amongst them. They were all waiting for the day to arrive.

On that day they came all ready and geared up to take responsibilities .Some of them were assigned the duties to take Sparkles and Dew Drops for their assembly. Some children were to set the classroom and some of them took the assembly. Once back to the classroom they distributed the plates, spoons and bowls. Children from Joy had come to serve the breakfast in kindergarten. Afterwards they were given a cloth to clean the classroom boards their toys and language lab which they thoroughly enjoyed. We could actually see the team work in the classroom.

Children shelled the peas which was a great help for kitchen staff. They had fun even the nursery children tried shelling peas. During art and craft activity, children from elementary school had come to help them. With all the bits and pieces of papers thrown around the classroom they did the sweeping and moping of the classroom. It was fun watching them, all struggling with the broom and trying to balance the mop.
The experience of working was celebrated by children. Experiencing the feeling of being responsible, taking responsibilities for their belonging, caring for the things in classroom was the paramount of the celebration.

Work is a part of our life. It would be creative work, house work, paid work or jobs which are done on regular basis. We at Jyotirmay celebrated festival of work for the realization of importance of different types of work that we do in our day to day lives and reinforce dignity of Labour.

festival of work - classroom cleaningThe day started with a brief introduction on the schedule of the entire day and then we sang few songs in hindi, german etc related to work. The children enjoyed singing and the day started with joy and happiness. Here comes the first hour with lots of work to be done. We cleaned and organized our classrooms. This started right from sweeping and mopping the floor to organizing and keeping things in place. After classrooms were set and all cleaned up we had a big smile on our faces and of course a sign of relief but still something felt incomplete, as if something was being forgotten and had to be done. Then the second surprise was told, the inventory of the thing in our classrooms, labs. All the children enjoyed making the inventory and were feeling more belonged in the school as they now knew almost everything present in their class.

The next event started with No, yaks, I won’t do it, yes, it was toilet cleaning. The children and teachers together started the toilet cleaning and towards the end children were so into it, that they did not want to stop. They wanted to sparkle more, the realization was great, and they wanted to clean their toilets at home on their own. We then helped the kitchen staff in serving food in the dining hall. We all enjoyed a great meal filled with love and joy.

After lunch few children went to the front office desk and took up some responsibilities like receiving phone calls, noting down messages from calls and the name of the person to whom the message was to be given etc…. etc…

All areas of school functioning were being covered, everyone was wondering what comes next. All surprises seemed to be over as the old saying “Last but not the least” came the last event of the day “WORK CENTRES”. There were 9 centres for the children to choose from. The children enrolled their names and went to the respective centres to explore the last event. Here is a brief on the details of the centres.

Centre 1 : Photography – Say Click! Take a pic! Is that all? No Photography is a lot more than that. Learn from us the basic of this complex art. Who knows, the next click by you might fetch you the maximum ‘likes’ ever on any networking site.

Centre 2 : Juggle a soccer ball – Juggling a soccer ball is a great way to impress your friends. You gain better balance and control over the ball. So let’s practice how to juggle with you feet, head and shoulders.

Centre 3 : Paint a Wall – Come here to play, work and enjoy. Painting walls can be fun. Have you ever thought of painting your own room or ever thought of painting your own room or even a single wall? Come and experience some basics of painting. Don’t forget to bring along some old set of clothes as we are going to play and work.

Centre 4 : Stitch in Time – Do you want to be capable enough to mend your own clothes or make them more attractive ? Join us to learn basics of embroidery, stitching buttons and button holes, hemming and fixing hooks. You never know, you might discover the fashion designer in you.

Centre 5 : Fun with Scoobies – Scooby strings are the latest craze amongst children. It gives a chance to use your imagination for something that is fun to do. So let’s have fun making various designs such as animals, accessories and jewelry with Scooby strings.

Centre 6 : Mini Food Craft Centre – Join the Mini Food Craft Centre to learn new techniques and easy cooking tips to awaken the mini chef in you. Create a lip smacking snack with us and engage yourself in some food critic too. So what are you waiting for ? Enroll

Centre 7 : Story Telling and Dramatics – Stories are something that fascinates all of us. Listen to a story and grab this opportunity to bring out the actor within you. Don’t wait. Come and act out a play.

Centre 8 : Art and Craft – Make the best out of waste. Beautiful craft projects made out of old bottles, cds, newspaper etc. come and create something magical with things that you would otherwise throw away.

Centre 9 : Paper Quelling – Can you imagine small bits of papers turning into master pieces? Quelling is an art that can help you create beautiful designs out of colorful papers. Learn to make awesome looking envelopes and greeting cards to gift to your loved ones.
By the end of the day everyone was happily tired.

We all gathered together for a common windup. There we saw that after all the surprises there was one left. Two of our young and creative students had decided to start a Repair station of old broken things at Jyotirmay. They call it “Tinker Land” this repair station does not promise to return, the things given to them, repaired and good as new but yes they would definitely surprise you with what you get back.
This was a day of work but everyone enjoyed it as a festival.