From the CEO’s desk

Chetana Gosavi director Jyotirmay International school

An unseen teacher named Sosaku Kobayashi entered my life through a small and beautiful book named
“ Tottochan- a little girl at the window” and Tottochan led me into an amazing world of children when I was only 17 -neither a child nor an adult myself!  My entire perspective about children and education underwent a sea-change. Kobayashi’s vision for children and his sensitive approach to each and every aspect of children’s lives mesmerised me. Though I had decided to take up legal practice as my career, deep in my heart was growing a desire to be with children and be in the field of education.

Ten years back, life gave me an opportunity to set off on this journey called education in an unexpected manner! The school had suddenly happened to me.

This journey has been a journey towards Light for me personally. We started the school with only 13 children, and we have come a long way and grown many fold not just in terms of numbers and infrastructure but more importantly in terms of our understanding of the phenomenon called “Education”. I do not come from a formal school of educationists, I do not have theories to propagate, but only the heart to follow. The heart that says education is being in the state of liberty, the state of persistent learning and the state of happiness. Education is learning to connect with everything in the Universe and understanding one’s place in it. When the children and the teachers are happy and at peace with themselves learning takes place in everything that they do- whether it is being in the class, reading a book, playing outdoors, or eating lunch together.  Education is a process that goes on silently and invisibly. The results of which may be seen in the future and may manifest themselves in various forms suddenly in the course of life. The exam results, grades and ranks are only the milestones or mere indicators on the way; they are never destinations by themselves.

To help children to be what they need to be, the teachers and the mentors need to be those tending hands which provide security- physical and emotional, to every child, and the warmth to keep alive  the  desire to learn all the time.

My endeavour in this journey therefore has been to help children to be in this state of Liberty where they are not afraid of thinking, asking questions or expressing themselves in any form. Where the pursuit of excellence does not mean proving oneself better than someone else but trying to achieve the highest goals collectively through cooperation and to find the teachers and mentors who can lead the children in this wonderful journey towards light.


Chetana Gosavi