From the Principals Desk

What is a school? Why do we send our beloved precious darling children to one- everyday for hours and hours…they do not just go to school, they live in them. So how should these second homes be?

Not a factory, designed expertly at churning out efficient, useful, productive followers equipped to go out and fit right in with the bigger world outside. But more of a scientists’ laboratory with everyone experimenting, failing, succeeding; so that one day they go out into the world and change it.

Not to go out and add to the pool of avarice, hate, ego and pride, but be individuals happy contended self sufficient yet working for causes greater than oneself.

So create an atmosphere, we at school, you at home, where learning is spontaneous, natural. Where children can remain true to their nature- joyous, enquiring, seeking, doing…

As Maria Montessori puts it “Education is a natural process carried out by the child, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”

I talk as a parent for I am one. I share your hopes. I share your fears.

I think about the child’s own inner world. I think about the world our children live in. And I am determined to move what should be moved, to change that which warrants changing.

Believe that there is hope for the child yet.

Farida Nimakwala