Parents' Testimonial's

A Parent

After living for many years in the West, almost a year ago, we moved back to India. When we were planning our move, one of our main concerns was finding a good school for our kids, which offered state-of the-art methods and curriculum, while also ensuring that students stayed in close touch with the local culture and life. And we definitely wanted to stay away from the old-style rote-learning and exam-centric culture that is now largely known to create mere ‘bricks in the wall’, rather than tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders. We would be staying in the North-East side of Pune, so we were looking at a school within a reasonable distance. Our initial research wasn’t producing any promising results, and we were beginning to get worried. And then, almost accidentally, we discovered Jyotirmay. And am I glad that we did! First of all, it is one of the rare schools in the city that offer the Cambridge International curriculum (IGCSE and AS/A levels). Frankly, at the time, I did not know a whole lot about it. But after doing my research and talking to other parents, I have come to believe that this is one of the finest and most balanced standardized curricula options out there. It has the required focus on mathematics, sciences and languages for the younger ages, and also offers flexibility for personalization based on the students’ interests, at a later stage. But I have seen quite a few schools, to know that just having a great curriculum isn’t enough, if the school doesn’t take continuous efforts to apply it well in the classrooms and beyond. Because I eventually got to know the Jyotirmay management and the school leaders personally, I can vouch that they truly believe in keeping student learning as their focus and giving the kids the best of opportunities. Over the last year, Jyotirmay has given my kids exposure to a lot of academic (curricular) and co-curricular topics, to help with their all-round development. They use inquiry-based learning methods, which are widely known to stimulate children’s thinking and understanding. What also helps a lot are the small class sizes. My kids get the personal attention they deserve. While the fees are not low by general standards, when you compare them with other International schools in the area, I think they are quite reasonable. The playground could be bigger, but what’s there is decent size. Serious sportspeople will anyway want to go to big sports clubs for after-hours practice. The only thing that is a rather strong limitation is the location, which is Wagholi. Quite reasonable distance from East and North Pune, but somewhat far from West and South sides (although apparently there are dedicated parents who do send their children from afar, and some that have opted to rent places nearby because they love this school.) I also know a few parents that wish that there was a branch of this school on the West side. (Management, take notice!) All in all, this is undoubtedly one of the best schools in Pune. We love it, and I highly recommend it to parents that are focused on real learning of their children.

Ajanta Saha

My daughter is going to be a part of jyotirmay once again ..... 4year back when we moved out of Pune it was very hard for my daughter to leave her fav.teacher. but now we are back... And the only school that she wanted to join is jyotirmay. The kind of attention love and affection that she. Got from her class teacher then made this school fav . Among all for her. Thanx a lot to Shobha Iyer.... And to the whole jyotirmay team.

Swapnali Dhongade

One of the best school, that has a great love and care for children. also the learning techniques deelop the child 's skill and excellence. thanku so much.

Gulshan Khan

The most wonderful school we have come across. We did not want our daughter to get into the rat race however at the same time we wanted her to be very competitive and not feel lesser of herself as compared to her counterparts going to ICSE & CBSE boards. we moved our daughter mid-session to Jyotirmay & we are so happy with our decision. The positive change in our daughter was noticed in a day which made us all the more confident that we had taken the right decision.

Amal Naik

One of the best schools available in East Pune with education philosophy and delivery inline with changed/ modern era. They are truly developing responsible citizens of tomorrow. I wish everyone associated with this school; especially teachers - good luck.