Vision & Mision

Aims to develop in the student ( as well as the teacher ) :

ability to learn and discover, to solve and resolve
capacity to address open-ended questions and problems
self-motivation to strive for excellence
minimal dependency on external rewards and rankings for motivation
discipline without coercion, harmony without prescription
clarity of perception arising from an open mind free of prejudices
appreciation of beauty, grace and elegance in academics, fine arts, performing arts, sports and games
a quest for the sacred, for serenity, through transcendence



The garden of education, where educators tend and allow the natural blossoming of each child, in the joyful sunshine of freedom.


To provide an environment that is conducive to individualized, student-initiated exploration, discovery and learning in the years of early childhood; moving on in later childhood to educator-initiated, guided discovery and learning, with integration across subjects and activities; blending these processes in teenage, so that the child is pro-active in gaining knowledge and applying the same to project-related experience, while continuing to maintain focus on the reality of external assessment. continuing the process into teenage without losing sight of the reality of external assessment.